Social Responsibility

Intelbras considers socially responsible actions to be very important and, for this reason, it utilizes all authorized funds for projects approved by state (ICMS) and federal (Rouanet) tax laws that give credits for contributions to cultural activities.  Intelbras focuses on social responsibility to children, poor youth and the environment through projects related to music, sports, prevention, films and theater.  Please have a look at some of the projects in which the company participates, and for contributions and further information, access our website or contact the company through the address given for each project.

Projects/Social Institutions

Associação Pró-Brejaru
Pró-Brejaru Association

Intelbras donates to the Children and Adolescents Fund (Fundo para a Infância e Adolescência) via the Pró-Brejaru Association, in Palhoça.  Donations are deposited in the city’s bank account.  These funds are then distributed by the association to the individual charitable projects.  The amount is deducted company’s income taxes.  Intelbras’ donations to the association have helped more than 180 children and adolescents at social risk by providing social-educational, cultural and pedagogical follow-up activities. The youngsters have classes in capoeira, folk dances, handicrafts, soccer, embroidery and jewelry making.  They also participate in job-qualification programs, such as Manicure and Pedicure, Digital Inclusion, and

Junior  Achievement
Junior Achievement

Intelbras participates in the projects developed by Junior Achievement, a non-profit educational foundation, maintained by private funding.  The partnership has benefited students from the Francisco Tolentino, EEB Aderbal Ramos da Silva, EEB Nossa Senhora de Fátima, EBM Vereadora Albertina Krummel Maciel and the Dom Jaime Câmara Schools in the cities of Florianópolis and São José.  Business executives work as volunteer instructors and teach young people about a number of aspects related to the setting up of businesses.  Planning, costs, marketing and the organization of production are all objects of study.  After receiving counseling from these executives, through transfer of knowledge, the young participants learn in practice how to develop their projects and to produce and market the products they have created.  In 2010, more than 200 students participated and 12 Intelbras collaborators were involved.

Environmental Projects

Intelbras’ environmental management system received the ISO 14000 certification in December 2006.  The norm helps to structure the environmental management system in order to ensure:  the effective management of waste generated by the production and administrative processes, compliance with environmental laws applicable to its processes, and conscientious use of natural resources.  The company prizes pollution prevention and the reduction of environmental impacts of its products and processes.

Collaborators are constantly aware of and concerned about the environment, reflecting this via their actions at work and at home. Communication is emphasized during specific events such as the Internal Health, Safety, and Environment Week (Semana Interna de Saúde e Segurança e Meio Ambiente: SISSMA) held annually in June.

In its production processes, Intelbras continuously seeks innovative solutions for reducing environmental impacts by using recycled materials, eliminating potentially polluting materials in processes and products, and reducing its equipment’s energy consumption.  An example of our commitment is the substitution of the superficial treatment of metallic supports used in PABXs by a material that does not harm the environment, as well as the recycling of injection residue for use in the rubber feet of telephone equipment, which are made from 100% recycled materials.  The main impact comes from the generation of solid wastes of which 100% are discarded appropriately in accordance with current law.

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