Quality and the Environment

Concern with quality and for the environment plays an important role in Intelbras’ activities and processes, and our intention is to exceed our clients’ expectations and to preserve the environment.

Intelbras’ Quality Management System

Certificado ISO 9001 1996In 1996, Intelbras’ headquarters was awarded ISO 9001 certification and, in 2011, Manufacturing Complex II in Santa Catarina received certification from Bureau Veritas Certification (BVC).

The Minas Gerais branch received ISSO 9001 quality management system certification in 2005 from the Registro Italiano Navale (RINA).

These certifications confirm that Intelbras has implemented an efficient Quality Management System that ensures standardization, control and continuous improvement of its processes and products, increasing customer satisfaction.

Selo ISO 9001Intelbras also has an ISO 14001-certified environmental management system at its headquarters, ensuring that the company conducts operational control over environmental concerns and impacts.

Quality Control Policy

Intelbras, as a major provider to industry of telecommunications equipment, computer technologies and electronic security systems for large sites, located in the city of São José, SC, a metropolitan region of Florianópolis, has adopted the policy that good results are obtained through achieving clients’ satisfaction, motivating collaborators, meeting shareholders’ expectations and continuously improving processes and products.

Intelbras’ Environmental Management SystemCertificado ISO 14001, Marca Preserve (Programa preservação ambiental), Selo ISO 14001

In 2006, Intelbras was awarded ISO 14001 certification by Bureau Veritas Quality International for following proper parameters for environmental management during the design, development, production, marketing, installation and service processes related to its telephones, PABXs and telephone accessories.

The company’s environmental policies reflect its concern with the environment and how it seeks to minimize negative impacts and to act continuously to improve its activities and processes with the purpose of constructing the best possible environmental conditions for the company and its local surroundings.

Projects such as Intelbras’ Program for Environmental Preservation (Preserve Program) is focused on the management of the company’s solid waste. It has contributed to environmental preservation, the prevention of pollution and the reduction of environmental impacts of those processes.

These initiatives have resulted in environmental awards (the Max Hablitzel and the Fritz Müller Awards) and have encouraged our collaborators to continue to exercise their activities in an ecologically correct manner.

Environmental education is also key to Intelbras’ Environmental Management System.  Through this program, our collaborators and their families have the opportunity to acquire information on how to reduce their impact on the environment, not only at work but also in their homes and communities.  These and other activities have transformed Intelbras into a modern, conscientious and competitive company.

Environmental Policy

Prêmio Meio Ambiente 2006Intelbras, a major provider to industry of communications, IT and electronic security systems, located in São José, SC, a metropolitan region of the city of Florianópolis, is committed to the preservation of the environment by Selo Responsabilidade Ambiental Intelbras ISO 14001adopting measures to prevent pollution, to meet legal and internal requirements regarding environmental impacts, to promote actions to reduce the environmental impact of its solid wastes, to continuously improve its environmental performance, and to use available natural resources in a rational manner.

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