Authorized Technical Assistance Network

Highly qualified technical support you can trust.

Repairs and the replacement of products or parts may be needed, and you can count on Intelbras support services: the Technical Assistance Network and the Intelbras Advanced Laboratories (IALs).

You can rely on the Technical Assistance Network’s more than 700 centers located all over Brazil, fully qualified and capable of rendering the support you require; or you can count on the experience of the Intelbras Advanced Laboratories (IALs) anytime you need them.

The IALs are EXCLUSIVELY dedicated to Intelbras customers, providing highly and continuously trained PROFESSIONALS in advanced technical support, ready to offer a range of services from the simplest to the most complex and to DISTRIBUTE original parts to all corners of Brazil.  The IALs are like an EXTENSION of our factory and offer FAST, SECURE and RELIABLE services.

To find the nearest Technical Assistance Center, use the search fields on the right.

Assistências Autorizadas

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